SoContent is a communications-come-PR agency that, wait for it…. does things a little differently. Bet you have never heard that one before.

Times have been tough for many across all industries, we understand that, having felt the pinch ourselves. SoContent has been a long time coming but in the end formed off the back of the need to go down a different route, for our founder, and our clients.

Over the course of the pandemic, on a global scale, startups, scaleups and tech companies of all shapes and sizes have had to put on hold the plans they had for 2020, pause operations, re-asses not only what they do, but how they do it, quickly. Consequently, PR and communications was often one of the first partners to be shown the door. Since then, new companies have started-up whilst established ones have adapted, and thankfully for B2B tech, the time is ripe for many to tell the world how they operate, what they offer and what they can do to streamline operations.

At SoContent, we understand that things are a little different now, and are operating at the beginning of your communications journey. We are a small operation that doesn’t so much use what we have to fill a gap or provide a service for you, we quickly understand and adapt to fit your need. Our network of comms freelancers is somewhat global (we are London based with great contacts in the B2B media landscape, but with friends across Europe, the Americas and further still). Instead of attemtping to fill the gap in house, we manage things out of London and bring in the bolt-on experts in the territories and verticals you want to hit. This means, that if you are a B2B tech team looking to be positioned in PropTech or InsurTech spaces for example, we can handle that in house, but if we need a cyber-sec pro, we won’t pretend to do it in house, we will bolt on a partner from the freelance space, someone we know and trust, to hit the ground running right when we need it.

This keeps your costs, as well as ours, lean. No fluff, just the best chance of success for us, and therefore you.

As well as news releases and funding announcements, we can help mould a content strategy with intersting copy to be owned by you across LinkedIn, Medium and company blogs, or that which is placed in the publications that your next customers and partners read. We drive and create the content, that makes you… SoContent.

Should we not feel we can help to the best of our ability, and the fit isn’t quite there, we have some great contacts and friends in both the freelance world, and agencies that we trust. We will be honest with you and suggest other teams, even making those intros where necessary.