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We are a collective of senior PR professionals that hit the ground running, telling your story to the people that will make a difference to your company or profile.

We make purposeful change to your communications strategy.

We are SoContent to meet you ;)

We do PR and comms for you. Well, we should, so step into the Rabbit hole Alice, let’s see where the adventure takes us (it takes us to our inbox, but how dull would that be as an opener?).

You are the story, not us.


We are here for you as a startup, scaleup or one of the old guard, blue suits and all.

Whether a bootstrapped startup exploring your first foray into communications, or you have raised pre-seed, seed, series A, or Series B.

Honestly if you are at series C you probably want to splash the big bucks somewhere else, they’ll do the same job and cost more, but that is what people do, right?

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Who we are

A PR and communications agency with far-reaching results. As well as being a bespoke agency, we have amassed a collective of Senior B2B and B2C PR and communications experts from around the world, assembled to make a bolt-on virtual PR agency that keeps costs lean and results erm, non-lean.

We have a growing network in four (so far) continents and countless industries (seriously, when we add tech to the end of every word in the dictionary and call it a business-vertical, it would be easier counting grains of sand, a recruiter’s LinkedIn connections or Reddit threads about cats).


What excites us is that we are doing more and more work for people that are making a difference, adding value to the world around them. If you are cleaning up the world of construction, fighting gender imbalances, reducing the energy needed to send but a lowly email or launching a product (we can have nice things too) that brings joy, a moment of wonder or simply stores your pencils beautifully, we want to help tell that story.

We are fans of the products, services and people we promote, having launched sustainable swimwear brands, solidified the standing of the world’s most sought-after dashcams and launched smart-home access solutions to consumers and industry audiences – right through to (temporarily) taking Candy Crush off the top of the mobile games charts – we have a rough idea of how to get things out there.

If you are changing the world for the better, awesome, but we try and do our bit too, have a gander at the causes section to hear more about that though.

Importantly, if we aren’t the right fit, we are not going to take the job. We might be able to introduce you to a wonderful team or person that can do you justice but 
we hate doing crap work and you won’t come to our mixers and gatherings, everyone leaves stressed and peeved off.

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Companies that incorporate purpose into who they are, will be the companies that thrive in the years to come