B2B Comms that makes you SoContent

A PR agency-come-network to help position your news and thoughts right where they need to be, to grow a sustainable business for the future.

Welcome to SoContent. We have a lot to share and add to this landing page, but current client work comes first. So, prior to that. We are a small team of PR people, with a far reaching network. This includes comms specialists like us across Europe and beyond, as well as content specialists, some amazing creatives and the odd journo friend.

Soon, you will find this page filled with information about the work we do, the network we have built over the years and some of the team and network’s best wins.

“He’s a tour de force networker, probably the greatest one I’ve met, and an accomplished PR Pro. He has an innate ability to consume vast amounts of complex material and data, and churn out high quality, 360 comms plans.”

Until then, we are keen to chat to all, but if you are in B2B tech, and looking for both internal and external comms, that is a cracking start. We have worked across games and gaming tech, insurance and InsurTech, property and PropTech, wider FinTech, AdTech, SmartHome, CyberSec and more – worst case, you are not a right fit and the network comes into play. We will gladly put you in touch with someone that will do a sterling job – and we will be honest if we can’t, there is no point doing a bad job, you won’t be happy and neither will we.