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Bearded wannabe hipster, former winner (not driver) of the Red Bull Soapbox race. he loves a curveball – he has got PropTech into Marrie Claire (there was a point to this) and placed clouds on paper (fine, it was cloud computing expert knowledge into the news (The Times).

A product design student that took a chance on PR (design portfolio untouched ever since) long before he had a beard.


Ross is all-seeing and all-powerful, he occasionally says y’all, but we are working on that. Ross is a professional consumer of information and helps ready Doug’s mind for print, medium, proposals, call notes, and more.

His analytical approach helps cut through the rough – shame about his golf game.


Amy heads up all things B2C at SoContent, as well as being our B2C supremo, she is a non-certified Taylor Swift expert and semi-permanent makeup artist. Amy is a leading consumer PR strategist and press office whiz.

She has a ton of consumer experience, having worked on everything from TikTok’s consumer brand, Marshall headphones, Cambridge audio, Nextbase and Seventh Heaven, to managing celebrity events, to heading up the growth of global tech brands.